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Royalsur S.A. was founded in October of 2008, with the aim of supply our clients with the best Chilean export fruit.

To accomplish this mission, our fruit pass through the highest quality control standards since it’s origin until it’s destiny in different parts of the world.

We get this with the experience of being fully involved in the business besides a complete network of producers accomplished to the good agricultural practices, essential in exports of perishable products for human consumption.

We have forged privileged bounds of trust and friendship with our business contacts in diferents worldwide markets such as EUROPA, latin America and in the varied markets of Middle and Far East.

Our vision of the future is continue growing our strategic and commercial alliances besides always be examining global markets in search of new business opportunities and strategic partnerships.

The vision of the future of business, is consolidate and maintain current strategic alliances and find new allies in other worldwide markets.

ROYALSUR S.A., MEMBRILLAR # 599 - A, CURICO - CHILE. PHONE - FAX : +56 - 75 - 31 17 84